Thursday, 26 June 2014

18th June 2014 - Bankfoot

The Bankfoot Inn, Bankfoot, Perthshire
18th June 2014

A friend and fellow Crieff Community Band member Dave McLagen goes to a musical gathering on Wednesdays at the lovely Bankfoot Inn, a few miles from where he lives. I decided to pop in the other day and see what goes on. The event is hosted by Roy Henderson, who used to work in education in Edinburgh. He is welcoming and goes round the room, asking everyone present if they wish to perform something. Anything goes, and when I was there I heard Scottish ballads, English folksongs, French waltzes and some of regular Jim's wonderful John Denver renditions. I would categorise this as a singaround rather than a session, but it's none the worse for that. There's not a huge amount of room, so it can be a little awkward if you end up sitting with your back to people, but everyone seems to enjoy it. I even sang a song ("The Dundee Whaler") which is not that common an occurrence! When I left I was given a strong invitation to come back, and I may very well do that!

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