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24th June 2014 - Kirriemuir

Three Bellies Brae, Kirriemuir
24th June 2014

Nigel Jelks has been hosting the Three Bellies Brae session for a number of years, and I've been meaning to drop in for ages. I finally made the trip this week, and I'm glad I did. I've played with Nigel before, and it's always great fun, so I was delighted to be welcomed with such warmth. The session was small - seven total on the night I was there - but the quality of music was high. It was mostly Scottish, which pleased me, but we had occasional forays into French Canadian, American and irish repertoires as well.

The three Bellies Braes is a thoroughly enjoyable session, and I hope to be returning there before too long.

Tunes (that I can remember): 

  • The Galway Hornpipe/The Rights of Man/Boys of Blue Hill
  • Wissahickon Drive (Liz Carroll)/Bill Powrie's (Ian Powrie)/Andy Renwick's Ferret (Gordon Duncan)
  • Stan Chapman's (Jerry Holland)/Stool of Repentance/Drummond Castle
  • Sophie's Waltz (Mike Moroney)/Hunt the Hare
  • Pays de Haut/St Antoine/St Joseph
  • The Claverhouse Reel (Jimmy Shand)
  • Wee Man At the Loom
  • Arthur Gillies
  • Wee Johnnie Armstrong
  • McKechnie's Farewell (John Somerville)
  • Jenny's Bawbee/Green Grow the Rashes o/Captain Byng/Loch Earn/
  • Brig o' Feugh/Deveron Side/Reel o' Corse (all Peter Milne)
  • Frank's Reel (John McCusker)
  • Duke of Perth/Lady MacKenzie of Coull
  • The Donegal Lass (Brian Finnegan)
  • The High Drive (Gordon Duncan)
  • The Brolum
  • Kirk's Hornpipe
  • The Falls of Lorna/Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen
  • Hurlock's Reel (Tom Anderson)
  • Geordie MacLeish (James Scott Skinner)
  • La Bastrangue
  • Jenny Dang the Weaver
  • Dovecot Park
  • Andy de Jarlis/Charlie Hunter/Price of a Pig
  • The Queen's Welcome to Invercauld (Skinner)/Barren Rocks of Aden
  • The Inverness Gathering

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