Tuesday, 24 June 2014

8th June 2014 - Stirling

Riverside Music Project, Stirling
8th June 2014

The creator of the Riverside Music Project, Jo Miller, invited me to Stirling for their annual Big Tune - an afternoon of playing music, eating and socialising. My friend Tom Fernie turned up in Crieff and we drove down in convoy. I had hoped that more of the fellow Crieff Community Band members would make the journey, but it just wasn't the right time of year, I guess. We arrived as they were setting up and were given a very friendly welcome.

A big circle was populated by musicians of all ages and experience, and Jo led the first few tunes and as time went on more and more folk arrived. I felt privileged to be part of this musical gathering, and once again to experience the joy of playing music in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. The more initiatives like the Riverside Music Project there are in the world, the better the world will be.


  • The Cockle Gatherers/O I Am a Poor Man
  • Off She Goes
  • Memories of Fr Angus MacDonnell/Braes of Dunvegan
  • The Chanter Song
  • Winster Galop/Jamie Allan/Salmon Tails Up the Water
  • The Dawning of the Day
  • The Hopeful Lover/Teribus/The High Road to Gairloch
  • Fires at Midnight (Wendy Stewart)
  • Miss Rowan Davies (Phil Cunningham)/Jean & Andy Leonard's Waltz
  • Balchraggan (John Somerville)
  • The Snipe (Donald Riddell)
  • Calum's Road (Donald Shaw)/The Hut On Staffin Island (Phil Cunningham)
  • The Galway Hornpipe/The Greencastle Hornpipe/Harvest Home
  • Boys of Blue Hill/The Trumpet Hornpipe
  • The Skye Boat Song
  • Morrison's Jig/Hunt the Hare
  • Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar)
  • Sans Nom/The Bear Dance
  • I See Mull
  • The King of the Fairies/The Old Grey Cat/Stepping Stones/The Rochdale Coconut Dance

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